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Hey guys! Look! I'm back! See? I can be a good legacy writer! *Is proud of self* This would have been up yesterday, but I had my driver's test this morning and was too nervous to be able to write or play Sims yesterday. And no, I didn't pass, if anyone was wondering. I don't really care though xD Driving freaks me out :p Anyway, I doubt you really care xD So, anyway, here's the next chapter of the Fallon Legacy! Once again, it's kind of text heavy with not a lot of pictures, but I'm not going to apologize, 'cause you guys should really just be expecting that from this legacy at this point xD


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Whoo! I am doing great at this updating thing! I feel pretty good about this right now xD Although my update per day streak will end tomorrow 'cause I have to work >.< Anyway, enough of that, enjoy! This chapter's a little shorter than the last one and once again there's a lot of text and not a ton of pictures >.< I'm learning now that I really enjoy the writing and the playing, but not so much the pictures xD Oh well, I'm sure you guys don't mind (she says hopefully)

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Two chapters in two days? See! I can be a good legacy writer! *Nods frantically* I even have the next chapter all written up and ready for pictures ^-^ See! See! *Points excitedly*
Anyway, enjoy this chapter! And I apologize in advance for the really bad text to pictures ratio >.<  


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Okay, Puppyluvver, you've got some explaining to do. You post the first chapter of a new legacy then fall off the face of the earth. What gives?
Um... I can explain? Sort of. Yeah, basically I lost the Llewellyns. The long version? I got a new laptop and for some reason, the save files wouldn't transfer over to it. I finally got to Fallons to transfer, but that was about it. And now, my parents gave the old laptop to my brother and he deleted all of my data off of it. Thanks bro -.- So, as much as it kills me to say it, the Llewellyns are gone D: At least the Fallons can keep going.
But hopefully no more super long hiatuses, 'cause I've got a new laptop that won't cause me any more trouble (she says hopefully).
Um, yeah... I'm really sorry >.< I really do suck at this updating regularly thing. I'M SORRY GUYS D: I'm a horrible legacy writer >.<
Self-pitying aside, enjoy! And hopefully I'll actually get past the third generation with these guys!


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The Fallon Legacy- Prologue

So, have you ever made sims of characters from a TV show, game, movie, etc. that you really liked, got them together, made them have a baby, saw that said baby was good looking and decided to start a legacy with them? No, just me? Well, yeah, basically, that's what happened here xD I'm obsessed with this game for the iPod/iPhone called Cause of Death, so one day I made a bunch of characters from that game, threw them into Sunset Valley, and watched what happened. And, well, two characters that I want to get together in the game did and they had a pretty baby, who grew up into an even prettier young adult.
And thus, the Fallon legacy was born.
NOTE: You do not need to have played Cause of Death in order to understand what goes on in this legacy (although I do recommend that you do, not because it'll help you understand anything, but because it's an AMAZING game.)
NOTE #2: Also, please ignore the picnic basket in the background, I didn't realize it was in my pictures until it was too late >.<


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So, I was planning on having this chapter out on the weekend, but I wound up doing the thirty hour famine at my school as well as a play at my church, so it didn't actually happen xD I also got distracted by another Sims 3 project that I may or may not tell you guys about :p We'll see. Anyway, enjoy!
P.S. The title page has absolutely nothing to do with the chapter, I just thought it was a cute pic of Bee :)


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Hello and welcome to another chapter of the Llewellyn Diaries! My keyboard is kind of screwed up right now with makes it hard to type, so I'll keep this short and sweet: Enjoy!

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So, the school musical is over and I'm really sad about that because it was honestly the most fun I've had in a long time, but that means another Llewellyn chapter for you guys c:
But yeah, we had our last show today, so I'm kind of sad. Fortunately, this chapter was written in advance, so it won't pick up on my emotions
too much.
Anywho, enjoy!

Dear Diary,

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And we're now OFFICIALLY back! *Bounces up and down*
I don't have much to say except: sorry for the incredibly long wait, enjoy the chapter, and I apologize for my sucky pictures. I'm a little rusty :p
Oh, and just a warning, but everyone may look a bit different now because I lost all my CC and downloaded new stuff, so everyone kind of got makeovers :p Besides that, everyone looks like same as in they have the same faces, and hair colours, and eye colours, etc.
Now enjoy!

Dear Diary,
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The Llewellyn Diaires- Recap!

So, yeah, I've decided to just keep going with The Llewellyn Diaries ^-^ Hurray!
But, since it's been forever, I decided to do a bit of a recap:

This is Bianca, or Bee, our second generation heiress.

This is Bee's evil ex-boyfriend. They dated for a short while in high school before Bianca and her twin sister Wren discovered that he was dating the both of them at the same time. A few years later, Bianca and David met again and got back together. David got Bianca pregnant, she then found out he was cheating on her and they broke up for good this time.
Bianca then gave birth to a little girl named Callie.

Then, a few years later, Bianca met Johnny. They fell in love, got married, and had twins: Olivia and Corbin.

This is Callie. Callie was the popular girl in school along with her two best friends, Lilly and Jenny. When Callie began to date a nerdy boy named Caleb, who just so happened to be deaf as well, Lilly began to spread rumors about Callie, dropping her to the bottom of the social latter. Callie is a kind girl, but she cares far too much about what other people think of her, so this is very difficult for her.

This is Olivia. Olivia had always been a feisty one, standing up for her brother when people picked on him. But after an accident lands Livy in the hospital, she loses her memory and people begin to take advantage of her. Callie, who she had never gotten along with in the past, tells her that they were the best of friends, Dominic, Corbin's biggest bully, tells Livy that Corbin doesn't want her help. So now, Olivia doesn't know who she is or who to believe.

And finally, our heir, Corbin. Corbin has always been picked on, but usual he had his sister to stand up for him. Now, with her memory gone and with Dominic convincing her Corbin doesn't need her help, he felt completely alone.
Then along came Raven. They became best friends and were inseparable.
Then Corbin fell in love with her.

Now, back to the legacy! Hopefully, I'll get a chapter posted today :) I have eight chapters already typed up that just need pictures. I'll try to get a few out this weekend as next week I'm in the school musical and most likely won't be able to.

I'm so happy to have my Llewellyns back :3