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So, we're finally back with a new chapter xD I meant to get this one out on Wednesday, but you know how life goes >.< You make plans, and then you suddenly get busy. But hey, no harm no foul. Here's the chapter! It gets a little bit rushed and crappy and bleh near the end and I'm super sorry for that! I just really wanted to get to the next chapter and move on so that sort of happened >.< Really sorry D: I hope y'all can forgive me! Besides that, enjoy!


The plan was simple. It was nothing more than setting up a date between Dylan and Ali, except neither would know that the other was coming. Malachi could easily convince Ali to come, but Taylor's job of getting Dylan to come was much more difficult. She insisted she could rise to the challenge, however.
It took a few days, during which they set up reservations at the Bistro and planned out how they would get Ali and Dylan to the Bistro in the first place. Then it would just be a matter of hoping no one tried to run away. Knowing Dylan, that would be a challenge in and of itself.
Taylor did the majority of the work, but she did her best to include Malachi at all times. Malachi honestly found himself enjoying her presence and he looked forward to her visits. Her optimism and perky attitude were always enough to bring a smile to his face. At first he was sure that he was doing this just to help his sister and best friend, nothing else, but within the span of a day, he began to wonder if there was something else--that maybe, just maybe, he was doing this just to spend time with his sister's crazy, silly, blonde haired, blue eyed best friend.
And the day that things were set in motion--their plan to make Dylan and Ali stop moping over each other about to begin--that maybe no longer remained. He was disappointed that he would no longer have a reason to spend time with her.
She was spinning happily in circles in the middle of his shockingly tidy living room, verbally checking everything off of her mental check list when Malachi realized this. He watched her spin and listened to her soft, twinkly voice fill the air. "Reservations made? Check! Lies prepared? Check! Dylan's outfit picked out? Check!"

Malachi laughed. He'd always been one to adjust easily, and he was already used to her doing strange things like this. "Sit down, you're going to get dizzy," he said, gesturing to his couch. Taylor stopped spinning and did as she was told, swaying back and forth to a song in her head that only she could hear.

He sat down beside her. "I hope tonight goes well. I hate seeing them both so upset..."
"It'll go well," Taylor said brightly, turning to him and flashing him her trademark grin. "Just you watch."
Malachi couldn't resist a smile in return. "I hope you're prepared to throw yourself in front of Dylan to keep her from running off."
"Just call me the human shield," she replied, looking down and poking his arm randomly. "Although, you are the stronger of us two. You'd be able to actually pick her up and carry her back to her seat."
"I dunno... That would probably end up with me getting kicked right in the face. Or punched. Either or." Malachi laughed and realized just how close they were sitting. He could feel the tips of his ears turn red, just like they had the last time. But this time he didn't move away.

Taylor moved even closer, so that her nose was almost touching his, and grinned teasingly. "What? Big tough guy like you can't even handle a few of Dylan's punches?" she joked, grinning.

But Malachi didn't answer. Instead he leaned forward, closing the small amount of distance between them and pressing his lips against her's. He'd been fully prepared for her to push him away and was surprised when she kissed him back. When they broke apart, they were both grinning.

"Whoa," Malachi said, not sure what else to say.
Taylor just rolled her eyes and leaned forward again, pressing their lips together for the second time.

When Dylan opened up the door to her best friend, it was obvious that Taylor was in an even better mood than usual. She didn't wait to be invited in. Instead she stepped around Dylan and walked straight into her house, every one of her movements looking like dancing. She twirled around before collapsing onto the couch and tilted her head back to grin at her friend. "So, ready for tonight?"

Dylan, meanwhile, was still standing by the door, staring at Taylor with an eyebrow raised. "Are you high?" she asked slowly. She didn't think it was possible for Taylor to be any happier than she usually was.
"Yes I am!" Taylor giggled, throwing her hands up into the air. "High off of life!" She sat up and grinned at Dylan. Dylan scowled back. If Taylor was happier than usual, Dylan was grumpier--something that Taylor was conveniently ignoring. "I had a great evening, and now I'm here to make sure that your's is great too!"
"Yeah, about that. I'd really just rather stay in and watch a movie and play my guitar and stuff..." Dylan muttered, shrugging and earning an annoyed sigh from Taylor.
Taylor stood up and walked over to Dylan. "No." She wagged a finger in her face. The lie she'd told Dylan was that she had set up a "blind date" for her. Probably not her best lie in the world, but it was fairly close to the truth and Taylor had never been a good liar in the first place. The closer she could be to the truth, the less likely Dylan would be able to tell she was lying. "It'll be fun! And I guarantee that by the end of the night, you'll feel one hundred percent better!"
"I feel better already! I don't need to go!" Dylan protested.

At that, Taylor made a show of rolling her eyes and grabbed Dylan by the arm. There was no way she was letting Dylan out of this. No. Way. She pulled her into the bedroom and dug through her dresser drawers until she found exactly what she was looking for. "Go put this on," she said, tossing the mess of red fabric into Dylan's arms and gesturing at the bathroom.
Dylan stared at the outfit Taylor had just handed her and didn't even try to hide her discontempt. Taylor knew that the dress wasn't one of her favourites for reasons Taylor would never understand. It never failed to look incredible on her, and it was what Dylan would wear tonight if Taylor had to wrestle her into it herself.
Seeming to understand this, Dylan walked into the bathroom and returned a few minutes later. Taylor immediately got to work on her hair and makeup. A little while later--which felt like a lifetime for poor Dylan, who rarely did anything with her hair or wore makeup-- Taylor took a step back. "You look so pretty, Dylan!" She grinned and gestured for Dylan to go look in the mirror.

Dylan had never thought of herself as pretty. No, she didn't hate the way she looked, but she wasn't thrilled with it either. She was just... Content, really. But at that moment, looking in the mirror at herself--her hair softly curled and pulled away from her face, her lips a bright red, the dress flattering her without being revealing--she could almost see it.
It wasn't a total transformation like the ones girls underwent in books and movies, where they'd look at themselves in a mirror and be unable to recognize their own face. She could still see herself in that mirror. She could still see the dull brown of her hair that she hated, or the freckles that were scattered across her face and arms that she wished would just vanish. She knew it was her, but there was still a transformation, however little, and she almost smiled. Almost.

Taylor spontaneously appeared behind Dylan a second later, grinning ear to ear. "Didn't I tell you? Your date is gonna be head over heels for you in a minute!" she said. The reminder of her date tonight was enough to make Dylan frown again, but the beeping of Taylor's phone distracted her and Taylor never noticed her friend's grimace.
Holding her phone so that Dylan would be unable to see it, Taylor quickly opened the message. We're almost there. You guys on your way? it read.
Leaving right now. Taylor quickly pressed send and then put her phone away. "Time to go!" she sang, already dragging Dylan out the door.
Dylan stumbled behind Taylor. She'd never found it easy to walk in heels. "I really don't want to go, Tay. Can't we just have a girl's night in?" Her voice had now taken on a more pleading tone.
"Nope." The two got into the car--Dylan rather hesitantly--and drove off in the direction of the bistro. "Trust me, Dyl. Tonight's gonna be great."

"This is weird," Ali admitted as he and Malachi stood entered the Bistro. They had only just arrived and Malachi was doing his best to stall while they waited for Dylan and Taylor.
"Not really," Malachi replied. They settled into an awkward silence that had been fairly common between the two of them the past few days. Getting Ali to the Bistro had been easy. All Malachi had to tell him was that he was taking him out to get a few drinks to cheer him up. Ali had agreed easily, making a half-hearted attempt at a joke about it "not being a date".

A few moments later, Malachi felt his phone buzz and pulled it out, finding a text from Taylor announcing that Dylan and her were on their way in. He looked up just to see them walking in. Taylor had her usual grin plastered on her face--which made Malachi break into a huge smile of his own--while Dylan looked even more displeased than usual.
She seemed to see Malachi and Ali right away and turned suddenly, already on her way back to the car. Taylor ran after her and grabbed her by the arm.

"What're you doing?" Taylor demanded, staring at her best friend and trying to appear oblivious as to what could be wrong.
Dylan wasn't so easily fooled and glared daggers at her friend. "How could you?"
"I want to make you feel better! I know you like him!"
They stood there, staring at each other, before Dylan spoke again. "I can't do it, Taylor. I can't." Her lower lip trembled and she bit down on it to hide it. She wouldn't cry here. Not in public. She couldn't.
Taylor sighed and loosened her grip on Dylan's arm. "Just give him a chance, Dyl. Please. For me? I hate seeing you so sad lately." She gave her a smile and took a chance, leading her to the table where Ali and Malachi were waiting. "Me and Malachi will be sitting just a few tables away. And if tonight doesn't go well, I'll never make you do this again and we'll never speak of it again. Okay?"
Another long silence, during which Taylor frantically searched Dylan's face for a sign that she wasn't going to take off again. "Fine..." she said, walking over to where Ali and Malachi waited.

Meanwhile, Ali turned to Malachi, wide eyed. "Why is Dylan here?" he demanded. Malachi couldn't read his tone, and was unable to tell whether the appearance of the girl he'd been upset over for the past few days made him happy or even more upset or angry or anything. In fact, he wasn't even looking at Malachi, his eyes were glued on Dylan. "I mean... Um... That's your sister over there, isn't it?
"Nice try. I know she's the girl you've been moping over for the past few days. Here's the good news, she's been equally as upset over you. So her friend and I set up this date for you two." Malachi followed his gaze over to the two girls, watching Taylor talking to Dylan with a pleading look on her face.
"And you're not mad that, out of all the girls in the world, I picked your sister to fall for?"
Malachi shrugged. "I'm not thrilled about it, and if you hurt her, you better know that I'll kill you in an instant, but if you can make her happy, then I'm okay with it."
A smile suddenly lit up Ali's features and he slapped Malachi on the back. "Thanks man. This means a lot."
"No problem. And Taylor and I will be just a few tables away if things go bad." By that point, Taylor and Dylan were walking up to them and Taylor linked arms with Malachi, smiling at him with that big grin that made him have to smile back.

"Let's go sit down," she said and they walked off. True to their word, they sat down a short distance away. However, they became engaged into their own conversation a moment later, their reasons for being at the Bistro forgotten in an instant.
Ali turned to Dylan and gave her a smile, which she didn't return. "You look great," he said, before mentally slapping himself. She didn't just look great, she looked amazing.

"Thanks." Dylan's spoke briefly, like she didn't really want to be there, which she obviously didn't. Ali took a step forward to pull out the chair for her, but she had already done it herself and sat down hesitantly. Sighing, Ali took a seat across from her, watching her carefully.
Somehow, tonight, he would earn her trust. He would get her to open up to him. He would kiss her. These were the promises that Ali Patterson made to himself that night.


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Sep. 10th, 2012 07:55 pm (UTC)
Sorry I haven't been commenting! I just did a bunch of catching up :D

Aww, I'm so glad they're on a little date! How cute!!! Lol, Dylan's being her typical self though. Love it! I'm rooting for Ali, I know he can do it ^_^ I really like how you've written Dylan... I feel like I can really relate to her! And Taylor is so adorable :3

Great few chapters that I just read! I can't wait for more ^_^
Sep. 17th, 2012 02:47 am (UTC)
I was wondering where you went! :p

Haha, here's hoping he can do it ^-^ Thank chu! :3

A new chapter should be up either tonight or tomorrow, depending on whether my game will cooperate or not :p I devoted my evening to working on the next chapter xD
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