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So, you're a new reader of the Fallons who wants to start from the beginning but doesn't want to go searching through my journal for the first chapter?
Or maybe you just want to read some old Llewellyn entries? Especially after a few of my extended breaks :p Well, here you can find all of the chapters! Enjoy!

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Hello and welcome back to the newest installment of the Fallon legacy! I don't have much to say here so I'll just leave it at this: Enjoy!


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Whaaat? Another chapter? And on a Tuesday at that? What's going on?
Long story short? I don't have school today :p I know, I know, no school on a Tuesday, how strange! It's a long story, actually xD But anywho, enjoy! This chapter's a little short, but I hope you all don't mind!


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So, guess who managed to get her game working again and has absolutely no idea how she did it? This girl! xD I'm so happy about this and immediately jumped to finish this chapter. Whoo! So here you go! :3
And ignore the fact that my graphics get a bit better later on in the chapter. When I reinstalled my game and it worked, for some reason all the graphic settings were set fairly high, and my game was running ay-okay! So I figured, hey, let's keep them for a while :p Anyway, that's enough of my story telling, enjoy the chapter!


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Someone Help me Please!


So, this weekend, I was just playing my game like usual, getting pictures for the next chapter when I had to go to supper. So I saved, closed my game and shut down my computer, just like I always do.
A little bit later, I come back, decide to get the rest of the pictures, so I open up my game and oh, lookie here, this pops up. I press okay, it closes the whole launcher.
Okay, no big deal. So I uninstall and reinstall (don't worry, the Fallons are safe!) and then I try again, only to be greeted by the EXACT. SAME. FREAKING. MESSAGE!
Seriously, what the hell is going on? Someone help me please? I'll love you forever and ever and ever and ever if you do! I was really looking forward to getting a new chapter out, but now I can't because I only have half the pictures I needed D: 
Please help me please ;-; I know there are some computer savvy people out there!
Hey guys and welcome back! ^-^ Sorry for the delay between chapters :/ It's been a busy couple of weeks for me between school and homework and work >.< Not to mention I was suffering from some serious writer's block (thus why this chapter isn't really up to my usual standards :c Sorry about that). Anyway, sorry once again and I hope you can forgive me and enjoy!


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Whoo! 'Nother chapter! Not much to say here this time except for sorry for my crappy editing skills in one of the pictures below xD You'll know it when you see it :p Besides that, hope y'all enjoy!


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So, we're finally back with a new chapter xD I meant to get this one out on Wednesday, but you know how life goes >.< You make plans, and then you suddenly get busy. But hey, no harm no foul. Here's the chapter! It gets a little bit rushed and crappy and bleh near the end and I'm super sorry for that! I just really wanted to get to the next chapter and move on so that sort of happened >.< Really sorry D: I hope y'all can forgive me! Besides that, enjoy!


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Hey and welcome back once again to the Fallon legacy! I got one last chapter out before school starts, whoo! Although that means that updates might get less frequent ^-^" Stupid school :/ Anyway, yeah, that's all I have to say! Enjoy!


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Hey guys! I'm back! Sorry for the delay between chapters >.< We went to the lake and between school starting up and work, I haven't had time to update until now. Sorry! Anyway, I hope you guys can forgive me :3 It wasn't that long of a break, right 
Now, enjoy! And if anyone can name either a) the suspect in the beginning of the chapter and b) the character in the very last shot (this one is a secret though, so I want to hear your guesses ;)), I will give you a cookie!
Hint: Both characters have been in an episode of Cause of Death (well, one is from a special, but whatever :p)


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